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Sew long

The Christmas Crab Quiltery is now closed.

For those of you have supported me over the years I want you to know that I have considered you to be a Godsend.

Please know that you have kept the business going thus far. I would like to give a special thanks to Ellen Armour, Betty Doherty, Shelley Dionne, Marilyn Dykeman, Trish Robinson, Andrea Rennick, Cheryl Petreman, Karen Guitard, Helen Steeves and Marie Carte.

You have all given generously with your time and interest in seeing the business grow. I would have included Sandra Noftell in the above but she has given more than time and interest, she has bossed me unmercifully as well.

Seriously, she has always been there for me and I am very grateful. I am sad to see it end.

Piece Out Jo