Welcome to Twelve Days of Christmas Event!


Registration - You can register until Dec. 16 and take advantage of all following offers but you cannot get the previous offers already expired.

Price: $20.00

Register for only $20.00 and receive exclusive deals everyday for 12 days!  We require that you give us a credit card number at the time of registration, to bill your registration fee and purchases to for this program.  We will keep a tally of your purchases and bill your card only once at the end.

Sign up below. Check your email everyday between December 5 – 17 for the exclusive deal of the day. If you like it. Buy it by replying to the email and we’ll add it to your package.  Santa will make his delivery after December 19th. Be sure to provide your current email address.

Those of you who live in and around Fredericton can save on your registration fee by picking up your package when it is ready after December 19!   Or Santa’s helper can pick it up!  Just mention that it will be picked up in the comments section when you register. Registration fees will be refunded when we bill you at the end of the event.

Go ahead! Treat yourself this Christmas.

Quick Facts:

•Registration is $20 only.

•You will receive an email every day with the special deal of the day. These deals are exclusive for those registered for Twelve Days of Christmas.

•If you like what you see place your order by returning the email. Deals expire at 12 midnight Atlantic time so make sure you return the email that day.  If we don’t recieve a return email on that day the deal is no longer valid.

•If you don’t like the deal for the day simply don’t make a purchase. Check out the deal the next day and you can make your purchase then if you like the deal for that day.

•If at the end of the 12 days you did not make any purchases we will refund your registration fee — so there is no risk.

•Save on Registration Fees when you pick up your package in the store. Registration fees will be refunded when we bill you at the end of the event.  Your credit card will be provided at registration but will be billed only once at the end of the event.

Your package will be mailed out after the 19th of December.Postage is included in the registration fee for orders within Canada.

If you choose to pick up your package please wait to receive a pick-up notification email from us before you visit the store.  Santa’s helpers can pick up your package as well.